Eileen and Luis

April evenings in Seattle are predictably rainy, but a thunderstorm with high winds is still a little over the top. Of course, this was the weather pattern on our daughter’s wedding day. Rachel seemed unconcerned. She embraced the challenging conditions! She photographed Eileen and Luis on the beach with waves crashing in, and among the leafless trees of early spring buffeted by swirling gusts of wind. She harnessed the storm’s powerful energy advantageously to create unique images filled with intense emotion. The storm also cased subdued lighting within the wedding venue, yet Rachel placed her subjects carefully, maximizing available light to produce dramatic effects and a feeling of warmth. Obviously Rachel has a high level of technical skill, but she is gifted as well with an engaging personality. She put everyone at ease and consequently was able to capture natural postures and relaxed expressions, and the genuine emotions of Eileen and Luis’ wedding day. Many thanks Rachel, for sharing the day and capturing the fullness of joy